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What began as the artist-run project Eisenbricht is transforming into a transdisciplinary e-magazine. Connected to our new endeavour is the newsletter Eisenbricht berichtet which collects contributions sharing various and varied thematic foci.

Eisenbricht berichtet is not only interested in aesthetic experiences: we want to use our background in the arts to critically address social practices and current political debates.


Eisenbricht berichtet consists of the following people: Joëlle Bischof, Michael Boog, Rebekka Christen, Louisa Victoria Clever, Afrim Fetinci, Uma Malina Grotrian-Steinweg and Robin Lütolf.


But also to be mentioned are:

Simon LanzJoerg Hurschler, Lea Hofer, Babette Walder, Anouk Schindrig (Cosma PRVK), Marisa Nef (Cosma PRVK), Lisa Mark, Jonas von Arb, Jonas Frey, Laura Higson, Tine Melzer, Anna Möll, Linda Christa Bill, David Zürcher, Cedric Kleinemeier, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler, Aline Witschi, June Schädelin, Tetrapack, VoicheckMina Achermann, Severin Lanfranconi, Milena Mihajlović, Nina Rieben, Benjamin Schwander, Milos Stolic, Leevi Toija, Lars Tuchel, Isabelle Weber, Valerian Maly, Esther Eppstein, Fabienne Althaus, Michèle Degen, Julia Kubik, Laura Nyffenegger.


That's a lot of people with a lot of ideas. But in order to be able to implement them, we are constantly dependent on financial support.




IBAN:    CH32 0070 0114 8052 6285 9


To:        Eisenbricht

             3012 Bern



Bank:    Zürcher Kantonalbank

PayPal: @eisenbricht


Many thanks!

Many thanks also to Kulturesk,, La Voirie, Das Lehrerzimmer (PROGR), SOSO Space, Kafi Ö, Material Zürich, Amsel VerlagPro Scientia et Arte und Ruth & Arthur Scherbarth Stiftung for the cooperation!


And if you have a project proposal or questions, you can always reach us at


. . .


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