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Time Crawls As I Wait – CRTTR X Eisenbricht

This album was created in collaboration with CRTTR as part of a transdisciplinary exploration of waiting. Time Crawls As I Wait embodies everyday points of contact with the concept of waiting musically and makes them emotionally explorable. The six pieces embrace a wide spectrum of approaches to synthetic sound architecture, collectively embodying a harmonious yet diverse collection.

CRTTR is a Bern-based platform and label for experimental music and art founded in 2021. Their focus is on experimentation and exploration in various fields such as drone, ambient, avant-garde or experimental club music. CRTTR curates releases, events, and radio shows centered around these interests.

Album Cover Time Crawls As I Wait – CRTTR X Eisenbricht

Charlotte von Engelberg (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Basel. In her work she questions hierarchical structures and relationships between humans and animals, plants and other life forms. The intuitive exploration of her surroundings, the potential of growth and decay around nature and its transformative processes resonate within her practice.

Tobias Lanz (he/him) is a Bern-based composer and artist with a Bachelor in Sound Arts from the Bern University of the Arts. He is part of various collaborations and performs as a solo artist under the name RTK. As co-founder of the label collective CRTTR, he organises events, releases cassettes and runs radio shows at Radio Bollwerk and TRNSTN RADIO.

Kasho Chualan (she/her) is a Kurdish-Canadian pianist, composer and sound artist currently based in Vienna. As the “antichrist of classical music”, she takes up the conventional compositional patterns of classical music and manipulates their texture to make room for dreamy narratives and unexpected twists. In the process, the basic material of her music consists mostly of voice, electronic and synthetic instruments.

Kaspar Kuoppamäki & Jake Mann – Synlab Kaspar Kuoppamäki (they/them) is a Finnish-German composer and video artist with a focus on pop-cultural phenomena that they bring to the classical stage – and vice versa. With a broad musical background, they deal with the phenomenon of genre itself in an artistic way and use its gestures to create inconspicuously curious soundscapes and images. Kaspar Kuoppamäki studies composition and audiovisual composition at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen.

Jake Mann (he/him) is an American clarinetist and improviser living and studying in Vienna. His main artistic focus is contemporary and experimental music. He is currently studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where he is pursuing a Master’s degree in contemporary music. This program has allowed Jake to prepare and perform a large selection of works from the 20th and 21st centuries, especially works for small ensemble. In his improvisational work, Jake explores the subtle intricacies of the clarinet sound through extended techniques and the natural acoustic properties of the instrument.

Melanie Meystre (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Fribourg. Following the completion of her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at the School of Design and School of Art Valais, she pursued further education, obtaining a Master's degree in Contemporary Art Practice at the University of the Arts Bern, with a particular emphasis on performance art within her artistic practice. In her musical compositions, the primary focus is on the audience's expectations, which are intentionally disrupted through the incorporation of strong contrasts in all parameters.

Camille Lepage (none/they) creates electronic landscapes with a strong sense of space. They use physical phenomena and technical conditions, in all kinds of venues, to interact intuitively with the audience to create a shared and intense listening experience. Using textures from the modular synthesizer and recordings of activated spaces, ravyfairx channeled a long trauma recovery journey in - dawn of (karmic) justice -. This track is about a battle, and a “just to be served” justice. “Time being an illusion, I believe healing is always and constantly happening”.

Mastering by Tobias Lanz & Lautaro Tesar

Artwork by Tobias Lanz


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