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Waiting Game – Renea Begolli

In 2020, during the Infrared residency organized by Foundation Shtatëmbëdhjetë in Pristina, Kosovo, Renea Begolli created the "Waiting Game." Through the medium of video, she explores the concept of human rights and her role as a Kosovo citizen, facing restrictions on freedom of movement that have resulted in a lasting sense of isolation.

Initially, the artwork took the form of a tent, symbolizing a childhood memory tied to eagerly awaiting shared playtime with a sibling. This memory became intricately connected to Renea Begolli's current experience of waiting, prompting questions such as, "Does the body remain ensnared in a perpetual state of waiting? Can it truly progress when the tangible symbol of waiting is no longer present?"

Renea Begolli (she/her) is a visual artist, researcher, and curator who explores body and identity with a sociological eye, as well as memory, isolation and ecology, which she expresses mainly through paintings, digital drawings, installations and video art. She complemented her painting studies at the Faculty of Arts at University of Prishtina with a semester of sociology and social anthropology at Bournemouth University. She has subsequently conducted research at the Oral History Initiative and worked as a co-curator for the Kosovo Secondary Archive.

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